Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2010 Finishes to Date and Welcome Followers (whoever you are)

Snug as a Bug
26 ct cream Shannon linen by Zweigart (discontinued color)
DMC conversion
Siena Alphabet from

Stitched for Sharlotte in the Ties That Bind Exchange.
More photos on Sharlotte's blog here.

Finished as mattress pincushion.  New to me finish and/or technique #1 for 2010.

Primitive Bettys
40 ct vintage light exemplar
Anchor Bates threads from ollllllld stash

Stitched for Brides Tree SAL January 2010

Edge finished with hemstitch.  New to me finish and/or technique #2 for 2010.

Welcome, followers!  We have a computer shortage at home, and by the time one's free I usually am too tired to go online, so I do the vast majority of my blog reading between phone calls at work.  I would love to be able to greet you individually, but apparently you are "inappropriate".  The followers feature (on every blog I look at, including my own) shows this lovely message on the work computers:



Our filtering software has indicated that the site you are attempting to access contains information or material which may be inappropriate for use or viewing by State Farm agents or their staff.

This event has been entered into the access logs.

Isn't that nice?  Um, yeah...NO!  So pardon me if I don't greet you all individually, and I hope you'll understand why I won't be following your blogs using this feature.  Chances are good, though, that yours is probably already among the 878 (yes, eight hundred seventy-eight) blogs and counting that I try to keep up with in Google reader. 

And finally, just because it makes me smile, here is our feline trio in a rare moment of harmony (even though Hope's eyes make her look like she's possessed and Shia says the picture makes his butt look fat). ;)

Monkey, Shia, & Hope

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Rowyn said...

Oh, I love your kitties. And they're all sharing the same seat, how sweet.

LOL that the stitchy blogs are inappropriate. My work haven't caught onto blocking blogs, although they did block Flickr late last year. Boo.