Friday, February 5, 2010

The End is Near

Progress is being made on the Mill Hill Winter Wonderland.  All the cross stitch is done as well as the majority of the beading on four of the five trees.  I'm hoping to find enough stitching time to add it to my short list of 2010 finishes this forecasted-to-be-rainy weekend. 

No stitchy pics, so I'll share a shot from our summer vacation.

Christian at the Flatiron Building, NYC
 July 2009

I'm working on getting details on the rest of my 2009 finishes.  I've been too lazy in the evenings to go through my various hidey-holes to find the charts, notes, and fabric info.  Hopefully that will be another weekend project.  Stay tuned.

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Sharlotte said...

New York City is such an interesting looking place. I have never been there but would like to some day. Fess up now, what all did you guys get to do there?