Monday, December 13, 2010

Exchanges received

Melissa and I also participated in a personal Christmas ornament exchange.  My exchange to her arrived last Wednesday and hers to me arrived on Friday. 

It looks like I will have to post pictures at another time because Blogger is not playing nice right now and I also forgot my camera with the pictures of what Melissa sent to me.

To be continued...


Margaret said...

Hi Diane. Sorry blogger is giving you so much trouble. It can be a pain sometimes. I love your ornament exchanges with Vonna. And that Cat's Whiskers piece is gorgeous! I hope the mistake doesn't discourage you from finishing it. It's so pretty! Sometimes just walking away from it for a few days helps. It sure helped me when I had to rip out that whole side border on Guarding Eden!

Michelle said...

Thanks for the "welcome back!" I'm really happy to be back. I *love* the LHN Joy ornament you stitched for Vonna. I think I've been enabled. It would be perfect for my sister Joy.