Friday, December 3, 2010

Fabulous exchange received!

I had the great fortune of being at the right place at the right time a few months ago when Vonna posted that she was looking to do a personal Christmas ornament exchange.  I didn't do any of my usual hemming and hawing and I dashed off an email telling her I'd be a willing participant if she still had an opening.  The ornament she stitched for me arrived yesterday and, boy, is it a beauty! 

Wanna see?  Ha ha!  Silly question!

JBW French Country Star
1/1 with Belle Soie Sister Scarlett on 32 ct

Even the back is gorgeous!

The ornament I stitched for Vonna arrived in her mailbox today.  Here's what I sent her.

1/2 with called-for DMC on 40 ct Lakeside Linens Vintage Light Exemplar
Mill Hill beads in called-for color, petite-size

The back
Blogger is driving me crazy.  My pictures keep jumping around and the fonts keep changing.  I have to run to pick up my son from school, but I wanted to share before the day was over.

Happy holidays to all!


Meari said...

Both the ornaments are gorgeous. I stitched LHN Joy last year for an exchange :)

Catherine said...

Beautiful exchanges!!

Lesleyanne said...

Both ornaments sent and received are gorgeous.

Sharlotte said...

Both ornaments are just beautiful Diane! I still use my LK pincushion you made for me ALL the time! ;)

Peggy Lee said...

Oh I love BOTH of them. Such beautiful finishing.

Katrina said...

Cute, cute, cute!!! Both pieces are so sweet.

Deb said...

Both of those pieces are so sweet!

Carol said...

You and Vonna each received gorgeous pieces, Diane! Love them both :)

Coraline said...

Beautiful exchanges!Ornaments are just beautiful Diane!
Welcome to my blog!