Thursday, July 22, 2010

Me + Electronics = Bad Things

So, the new computer?  Yeah.  Not working. 

The Blackberry?  The hourglass spins every time I look at it, much less touch it.  No call log, no texts, spotty on the emails, can't get on the 'net.

The computers at work?  We were on dial up from Friday to sometime Monday afternoon, and it took two tries just to get it to start this morning.  The printer wouldn't work either, I had to unplug it to reset it.

The DVR?  While watching "live" TV, it pauses until about the time I get from the couch to the kitchen, then jumps ahead to "real time" as if I had just changed to that station, so no rewinding to see what I missed.  Or, if it does actually pause, it has no sound when I restart, so I have to turn the durn thing off and lose what I wanted to see.  No better on recorded shows.  Won't fast forward, spotty sound, and tiling.

I don't know if I have some magnetic field thing going on around me, or there are sun spots happening,  or what, but I'm getting really sick of this.

Maybe it's best that I can't find my camera at the moment...  Updates soon, I hope. 


Jules said...

Murphy's Law....

Deb said...

How maddening. I'd go nuts if I couldn't get into the internet!!

Kendra said...

Hmm..perhaps you're like a friend of mine who kills wristwatches because he seems to fry them with the electrical impulses in his body. I jokingly asked him if he charges his own cell phone...he said no, but thought it would be totally cool if he could.

It sounds like a bad run with good ol' Murphy. Or a series of unfortunate events. Or sun spots. Whatever it is, may it soon move on to plague someone else!

Josh said...

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Peggy Lee said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog!'s maddening when you KNOW it's sweltering outside and you are chipping your teeth with chattering inside! I find myself apologizing for NOT going through menopause and having hot flashes.
I have the same problems with my DVR thingy. My husband just shakes his head and fixes it for me.
I'm so glad to have found our blog and will follow.
Have a great holiday weekend!